Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Apple is Rotten

Here is a video for those who are frustrated to the point of screaming at their Apple devices due to their diminishing performance after each so-called 'update'.

This video just confirms my sneaking suspicion of what Apple does in terms of its practice of service to its 'loyal' customer base. So if you are thinking of buying an Apple laptop or computer, or even considering upgrading due to 'ageing issues' of existing equipment, then watch this first.

Honestly, it might just save you high blood pressure, headaches and the gnashing of teeth - oh, and not to mention a huge dent in your wallet/purse.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Passing of Eve

Watching a beloved pet fall ill and go through a painful process of recovery is never a nice thing to experience - even worse is when they are clearly not going to pull through and recover.

So it is with great sadness and utter devastation that we said farewell to our darling cat Eve at 1130 hours this morning as the vet administered the injection that put her to sleep.  It was a gut-wrenching decision, but her illness was eating away at her, and as much as we fought for her, and as much as Eve fought her own insurmountable battle to stay with us, her illness won out eventually.

Copyright 2017 - Mark Kelly

Our beautiful Eve had become a former shadow of herself, muscle wasted away, her ability to eat diminished to barely a nibble, the sparkle of mischief and life in her gorgeous eyes reduced to a distant memory. We had the occasional spark of the old Eve once in a while, as we did yesterday afternoon as we all sat in the garden and Eve noticed a butterfly, and for the briefest of moments she was full of rapt attention and stalking, but the butterfly flew away and so did the glimmer of Eve.

People reading this who dislike cats, or have no empathy with pets will think this sentimental garbage, but those of you for whom, like us, regard our pets as our friends, and moreover, as our family, will understand.

Eve was a loving cat, kind of spirit and gentle in nature, always looking for a hand to stroke her face or a pair of arms to be cuddled by. Eve and our dog, Darcy, hit it off from the moment they first met, never a cross word between them, and often would share a bed together.

Copyright 2017 - Mark Kelly

It is said that when cats show affection, it is genuine and because they want to. Eve gave much in the way of affection, and the void left by her passing will be evident for a long time to come.

My wife and I were with Eve to her very last breath, and the memory of how her limp body felt in my hands as we wrapped her in her favourite blanket in preparation for her cremation will stay with us for a very, very long time. Eve's dignity, stoicism, strength of character and constant patience and calm through her entire illness and treatment was, and always will be, a very humbling experience for me.

I believe that when you lose someone, be they family, friend or a beloved animal companion, a small part of you dies with them. That part may be no bigger than a grain of sand, but when taken from your heart and soul you feel that loss as if replaced by something greater and far heavier. That passes with time, and the part of you that went with them is their keepsake, for them to remember you by and take comfort from, and who knows, maybe creates a bond that allows them to visit us from time-to-time?

I hope so.

The music I have attached is a touching tune that reminds me of Eve as it was only last week I had Eve over my shoulder, feeling her purring softly, and danced gently with her in our kitchen to this very song - bitter-sweet though it is. We're heartbroken and already miss her terribly.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Middle East & West - Like Oil & Water

One day there will be a moment when the penny drops for the leftist loons who bang on about 'Islamophobia' and support Sharia Law within the UK (and elsewhere outside of the Muslim world).

But, by way of helping to educate and open eyes, I'll let this video do the talking.

Monday, 10 July 2017

George Clooney: Hypocrite

George Clooney has now fallen into that category of Hollywood SJW snowflake libtards that I cannot stomach watching any more. Why? Because of their 'head-in-the-clouds-la-la-land' view on the world and its current events sweeping across its now-useless borders. To what am I referring? Unfettered, unregulated and devastating migration of predominantly fighting age males.

Let's make no mistake here - these are not refugees. They are economic migrants. I'll leave it there and let you watch the video, which for me, just epitomises the bullshit hypocrisy of Hollywood, and other so-called celebrity types who forget that they are not politicians, just disgustingly over-paid entitled people.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

My Dream - Z900

The last time I owned a motorcycle was back in the late 80s and the damn thing was stolen, never to be seen again. That day I vowed never to bother with motorbikes again.

Fast foward to the present day and the motorcycle bug has bitten me - HARD. So I'm sharing the official Kawasaki video of the bike I intend to get. Not to everyone's taste, granted, but I just love Kawasaki bikes and the Z900 calls to my biking soul. Hopefully I'll be able to update on this in June  ;)

Monday, 27 February 2017

Bill Paxton

Terribly sad news about the passing of one of my favourite actors, Bill Paxton, probably best known for his iconic role as Hudson in 'Aliens '. He is going to be greatly missed, and my heart-felt sympathy goes out to his family and close friends.

I'll leave this post with a fitting video tribute I came across on YouTube of Bill Paxton as the brilliantly eloquent Hudson, combined with the hauntingly beautiful, yet sad main theme from the computer game, 'Dead Island '.

I'm not ashamed to say this, but I wept whilst watching it. Goodbye, Mr Paxton.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Majorly Knullet

Technology is fantastic. When it works. It is less so when it fucks up. And this is about one of those moments.

Friday, 20 January 2017


The theme tune from the excellent 'Vikings' series. Hope you enjoy it.  :)